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04/01/2015 New gallery:2015 Skagit Valley Tulips Gallery

04/03/2015 Added the "What's NEW" page.

04/13/2015 New Gallery: RoozenGaarde Tulip and flower garden.

04/21/2015 New photo: Sunrise 04/20/2015

06/14/2015 New main page slide show photos added

06/14/2015 New Photo: Mt. Rainier from Elliot Bay

06/14/2015 New Photo: Seattle from Bainbridge Island

06/14/2015 New Photo: Pike Place Market Fruit

07/09/2015 New Photo: Red Skies Sunrise

07/29/2015 New Gallery: Boeing's 12th Man 747-8 Maiden Flight

08/01/2015 New Gallery: Seafair 2015 from the Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA

08/22/2015 New Gallery: 2015 Props and Ponies Air and Car Show

09/15/2015 New Gallery: 2015 Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA

11/15/2015 New Gallery: Wallace Falls State Park, Gold Bar, WA

03/05/2016 New Gallery: Skagit Valley Eagle, Swans and Canadian Snow Geese

03/05/2016 New Gallery: Skagit Valley Daffodils and La Conner, WA

03/19/2016 New Gallery: Skagit Valley Tulips at Tulip Town, Mt. Vernon, WA

04/09/2016 New Gallery: 2016 Skagit Valley Tulips & Flower Garden at Roozengaarde

06/08/2016 New Gallery: Day Hike at Wallace Falls, 05/31/2016

07/10/2016 New Gallery: Goodyear Blimp part 1

07/11/2016 New Gallery: Goodyear Blimp part 2

07/13/2016 New Gallery: Bellevue Botanical Gardens

07/20/2016 New Gallery: Scenes From A Helicopter

08/27/2016 New Gallery: The Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA

09/11/2016 New Gallery: 2016 Edmonds, WA Car Show

05/11/2017 New Gallery: 2017 Skagit Valley Tulips

07/08/2017 New Gallery: 2017 Hot Air Balloon Glow, Arlington, WA. Airport

Fall  2017  New Gallery: Lens Ball Art

September 2017 New Gallery: 2017 Solar Eclipse

03/17/2018 New Gallery: Skagit Valley Daffodils and Canadian Snow Geese

04/15/2018 New Gallery: Skagit Valley Tulips Pt. 1

04/15/2018 New Gallery: Skagit Valley Tulips Pt. 2

08/03/2018  New Gallery: Blue Angels at Seafair 2018

08/03/2018  New Gallery: Seafair Hydros and misc.

08/05/2018  New site design 

08/05/2018  New Gallery: Seafair 2018 Blue Angels over Lake Washington

09/29/2018  New Gallery: Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle, WA 08/11/2018

Fall 2018    New Gallery: Contests that I have entered

03/24/2019  New Gallery: 2019 Skagit Valley Daffodils

03/31/2019  New Gallery: 2019 University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

04/27/2019  New Gallery:  2019 Skagit Valley Tulips